Playmobil: The Movie – Movie Review

Yes, there is a Playmobil movie. Yes, it was released in theaters. Yes, I was the only one in said theater. Yes, it's a ripoff of the LEGO Movie. Yes, it is a gigantic critical and commercial failure. And yes, I kind of liked it. It's dumb, it's got some groaners here and there, and … Continue reading Playmobil: The Movie – Movie Review

Knives Out – Movie Review

Uh oh! Looks like we've got a big ol' slice of Fun on a Bun here! Courtesy of our good pal Rian Johnson. It is a wickedly fun and devilishly clever take on the whodunnit genre that is also a pretty sophisticated social commentary! But don't let that last part scare you, you can take … Continue reading Knives Out – Movie Review

Frozen II – Review

My friend and I walked into our Thursday night screening of Frozen II with grand expectations. The brilliant trailers promised an epic story with a darker tone and plenty of mystery. The fact that they announced an entire documentary series about the behind-the-scenes of this one movie seemed to confirm that this was something special. … Continue reading Frozen II – Review

Movie Review 6-Pack (Zombieland 2, Maleficent 2, The Addams Family, and 3 More!)

I've been slacking when it comes to movie reviews, so I'm just going to do 6 Even-Quicker Thoughts about some more movies I've seen. Ad Astra Ad Astra is a Brad Pitt space-flick that has a lot of really cool ideas, but it doesn't fully explore any of them and has an unbelievably underwhelming third … Continue reading Movie Review 6-Pack (Zombieland 2, Maleficent 2, The Addams Family, and 3 More!)