It: Chapter Two – Quick Thoughts

It (2017) means a lot to me. It was the first R-Rated movie I saw in theaters. I wrote an essay to convince my parents to let me watch it, and my mom reluctantly agreed to go with me. I'm really glad she did, because holy shit, that movie is so good! If I get … Continue reading It: Chapter Two – Quick Thoughts


Ready or Not – Quick Thoughts

When I first saw the trailers for Ready or Not, it immediately became one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The interesting premise, the dark wit, the large cast of fun characters, the great editing, and the gore all came together in a trailer that seemed to be directly marketed at me. I … Continue reading Ready or Not – Quick Thoughts

Annabelle Comes Home – Quick Thoughts

Annabelle Comes Home has some excellent spooks, but it lacks a purpose. At the end of the second act, I was having a good time with the movie. Then the movie ended. This movie's least scary and least inventive sequence is the climax. It feels super anti-climactic and jarring. Before this movie, there was an … Continue reading Annabelle Comes Home – Quick Thoughts