Charlie’s Angels (2019) – Movie Review

I am a boyman. I went to see Charlie’s Angels because I wanted to. But after a montage of stock footage women doing inspiring shit to stick it to the man, I kind of got the feeling that I was not welcome. I felt like Elizabeth Banks was shaking her head disapprovingly at all boymen simultaneously with this movie. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but that’s okay. I imagine that is how some women feel when watching something like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or any one of the many movies that give women disrespectful roles and stereotypes. Charlie’s Angels’ distain against the fellas of the world is okay, but it isn’t great. Especially when it is making an extremely fun movie less accessible. And this movie needed all the money it could get. This movie has had one of the weakest ad campaigns I’ve seen for a big-budget movie. Sony just decided to slash the marketing budget and leave it to die. And the trailers that do exist don’t do the movie justice. Charlie’s Angels is a well cast, globe-trotting flick that is mountains of fun. Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart are particularly delicious. It’s a little forgettable, but easily recommendable for a fun time at the movies.


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