‘Like a Boss’ is a Movie I Watched – Movie Review

When Like a Boss’ credits rolled, I experienced something I had never experienced before in my extensive career of moviegoing. I could feel the movie leaving my brain. I felt an actual sensation in my noggin that could only be explained by the events of Like a Boss fleeing my memory. This may be the most forgettable movie I have ever experienced. Nothing particularly stands out, the plot always goes exactly as you expect, and the jokes aren’t particularly funny. But I didn’t mind watching it.

After I saw Like a Boss, I went to a local drink place and got a blueberry warm milk. I had a gift card there, and that particular drink enticed me. While I was drinking it, I enjoyed it. It was warm milk! That stuff’s good! But this particular warm milk had a pretty bad aftertaste. That damn blueberry flavoring was not very good. Luckily the flavoring was slight, so I could ignore the blueberry stuff and focus on that good good tit liquid. But there was always that damn blueberry badness in the back of my mouth. So while I enjoyed it while I was drinking it, I can now look back and say that that was a pretty shitty drink that could have been better. Like a Boss is the blueberry warm milk of movies.

Both Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish are super funny people, and their chemistry in this movie is by far the film’s greatest strength. But it is criminally underutilized, as is the rest of the incredibly promising cast. Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge, Karan Soni, these are funny people! They all have good moments, but they are few and far between.

Another one of the movie’s biggest problems is its structure. There are a good amount of scenes that could be swapped with each other, and it wouldn’t make a difference. They don’t advance the plot, they don’t add much character development, and they just drag the movie down. I guess you could say this movie needed a stronger foundation! HA! Cause it’s a movie about makeup. And foundation is a makeup thing. You get it. It’s funny as hell.

I give Like a Boss my rating of:

Tiffany Haddish said “Coochie” Three Times

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