Bad Boys For Life – Shooty Shooty Movie Review

These boys did some shooting, and these boys did some cussing.


That was, as said in Bad Boys For Life, a “little jokey-joke”. Except for the first part. The boys do kill and swear. But it’s far from MASTAPEECE status. This third entry in the Bad Boys franchise follows Mike (Will Smiff) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence), two old-school Miami cops who have some family drama to resolve, jokes to tell, and a job to do. (Puts sunglasses on.) It’s fun, but it’s messy fun. The chemistry between Smiff and Lawrence is perfection, and whenever they’re on screen together, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face. But the good boys are separated for a good portion of the movie!

The first half of the motion picture is a series of mediocre and cliche dramatic scenes with a few chuckles and weak action scenes thrown in, seemingly at random. You know exactly where the movie’s story is going, so you just have to wait it out for an hour until you can see the good cops do the funny jokes and kill the bad men. But the jokes n’ kills are glorious, surprisingly well shot, and well worth the wait. The story is silly, and the twists come out of nowhere, but they might’ve been set up in the first two. I have not seen these boys’ first two adventures. I apologize.

But the worst thing about this movie, the unforgivable sin that this film commits, the thing that has caused me unspeakable pain ever since my screening is this: they have announced a Bad Boys 4, and were it not for this movie, it could’ve been called Bad Boys 4 Life. It is a tragedy.

I give Bad Boys For Life my rating of:

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Film is Meh?


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