Frozen II – Review

My friend and I walked into our Thursday night screening of Frozen II with grand expectations. The brilliant trailers promised an epic story with a darker tone and plenty of mystery. The fact that they announced an entire documentary series about the behind-the-scenes of this one movie seemed to confirm that this was something special. So we were pretty excited.

We walked out of the theater underwhelmed, but not dissapointed. It’s a solid movie with plenty of chill-inducing moments and real good goofs, but the ending felt rushed and consequence-less. This feeling could’ve been the fault of our own expectations. After a second viewing I enjoyed the ending more, but I still think the movie could have been something greater.

As is, Frozen II is a somewhat forgettable movie with a few spectacular sequences. Sterling K. Brown and Adele Dazeem are also extraordinary in their respective roles.


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