It: Chapter Two – Quick Thoughts

It (2017) means a lot to me. It was the first R-Rated movie I saw in theaters. I wrote an essay to convince my parents to let me watch it, and my mom reluctantly agreed to go with me. I’m really glad she did, because holy shit, that movie is so good! If I get into the specifics of why It: Chapter One is so good, we might be here for a while, so I won’t. Just know that I think that movie is remarkable and infinitely re-watchable. So yeah, I was beyond excited for part two. So was it as great as I hoped? No. It wasn’t. But it was still good!

The main problem of It: Chapter Two is its length. This movie is three hours long. A movie being three hours isn’t necessarily a problem, (we just saw Avengers: Endgame pull off a three hour run-time with style) but it is for this movie. The first and last hours of It: Chapter Two are great. It begins with a heart-breaking and brutal killing and proceeds to introduce the six grownup members of the Losers Club and get you excited for the epic showdown that’s to come. The last act is big, emotional, and exciting, and it makes it hard to walk out of the theater disappointed. But sadly, in between those two great acts is a repetitive and plodding mess of an hour that splits up its cast in search of relics from their past. There are some great moments, but those moments are within SIX versions of the same sequence. It gets really frustrating and predictable real quick. I got really worried for a bit that that was how the rest of the movie would be, but the amazing final act almost made me forget. Almost.

I have some other problems with the movie, like its weird portrayal of suicide and focus on CG scares, but there is a lot of great stuff here as well. Both the new and old cast are great, but Bill Hader’s Richie really stole the show. He has the best moments, and he pulls them off effortlessly. Watch Barry. Now. Bill Skarsgard is just as amazing in this movie as he was in the first one, but he has less to do this time around.



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