Terminator: Dark Fate – Movie Review

Terminator: Dark Fate made a stupid dumb idiot decision that single-handedly sunk this movie. They gave a certain character one hell of a “dark fate” during the first five minutes of the movie that is equivalent to James Cameron taking a piss on a DVD copy of T-2 while flipping the fans off and doing a little dance. I understand why they made this decision, (it gives Sarah Conner a really interesting motive) but because they kept it a secret from fans, the fans didn’t have time to get over the stupid decision and remained peeved throughout the entire movie. You don’t want your audience peeved at you while they watch your movie. Especially if your movie is pretty mediocre. It has pretty bland action, (with a few glorious exceptions) strange tonal shifts, a super predictable twist, and a weak sauce ending. It is still better than any post T-2 Terminator flick, but Mackenzie Davis’ Grace character deserves better. She is an endearing and badass lead that could have become an icon if she was in a better movie. Linda Hamilton is fine.


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