The Lighthouse – Movie Review

The Lighthouse feels like an even weirder version of The Shining. And that’s a very good thing. Like The Shining, The Lighthouse is a hypnotic and beautiful maze of a movie. It gives you so many different paths you can take on what the movie is about, but no single explanation feels less valid than the others. After the credits rolled, I had the privilege of a long train ride home. A train ride where I did nothing but try and navigate the maze of a film I just saw. It was glorious. By the time I got off at my stop, I had discovered what the film meant to me, but it is in no way a concrete answer. This should make the movie endlessly re-watchable to me, much in the same way The Shining is. But the maze-like feeling isn’t the only quality the two movies share. They both have beautiful cinematography and production design, they both are graced with some of the best performances I’ve ever seen, and both are examples of pinnacle horror.


(Also, if you haven’t seen director Robert Eggers’ The Witch, do that.)

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