“The Lodge” Makes Me Angry – Movie Review

The Lodge is riding on the wave of “high-brow horror” that movies like Hereditary, Get Out, and It Follows have created. But it is an impostor. It does not belong on that wave. It is hiding under a beautiful mask, but if you peel that off, what’s left is a pretentious mess that has no purpose. But The Lodge’s worst offense is that it tricks you into thinking that you are watching a good movie. The movie’s opening scene is masterfully crafted, and it’s startling climax yanks you into the movie. You’re in. Then it sets up realistic character motives and interesting plot lines that are ripe for an amazing conclusion. Then it says “Syke, bitch! Did you think the things we set up meant ANYTHING? You dumb as hell, boy!” and twists the movie with the grace and order of a snapping of the neck. This twist is so unnatural and so unfounded, that it drove me into a rage. You could say that I just “don’t get it”, but that implies that there is something to get. There isn’t. Screw this movie. I saw this early at Sundance, and I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I could have watched a GOOD movie instead! I could have seen the Farewell, or Honey Boy, or anything else! I’ll end this review on a note just as sophisticated as The Lodge: Boooooooooooooooo!

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