Midsommar – Quick Thoughts

At first I was sad that I didn't get the chance to see Midsommar in theaters. I didn't see Hereditary in theaters, but I really liked it and I was excited to see what director Ari Aster would do next. Then I saw the movie. In the end, I am really happy that I got … Continue reading Midsommar – Quick Thoughts

Joker – Quick Thoughts

When I first saw Joker, I thought it was a excellent. But after seeing it for a second and third time... it's a MASTAPEEEECE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! You heard me right. A MASTAPEEEECE. Joaquin Phoenix's performance is masterful and Oscar-Worthy, Todd Phillips' directing is meticulous and powerful, the story is woven in such a way … Continue reading Joker – Quick Thoughts

Downton Abbey (2019) – The Most Stressful Experience I’ve Had in a Movie Theater

My experience with the Downton Abbey show before seeing the movie was comprised of the various times I walked into a room where my family was watching it and chuckling when the fun British Boy said a fun word. I knew the show was good, I knew the basic premise, I knew it had a … Continue reading Downton Abbey (2019) – The Most Stressful Experience I’ve Had in a Movie Theater

It: Chapter Two – Quick Thoughts

It (2017) means a lot to me. It was the first R-Rated movie I saw in theaters. I wrote an essay to convince my parents to let me watch it, and my mom reluctantly agreed to go with me. I'm really glad she did, because holy shit, that movie is so good! If I get … Continue reading It: Chapter Two – Quick Thoughts

Ready or Not – Quick Thoughts

When I first saw the trailers for Ready or Not, it immediately became one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The interesting premise, the dark wit, the large cast of fun characters, the great editing, and the gore all came together in a trailer that seemed to be directly marketed at me. I … Continue reading Ready or Not – Quick Thoughts

The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Quick Thoughts

When I watched the first Angry Birds Movie, the birds made me angry. I am not a fan of hunting, but I really wanted to put on some camo and go for a hunt in Bird Island. The trailers for the second one looked just as bad as the first, so I promised myself I … Continue reading The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Quick Thoughts