1917 – Movie Review

If I was to imagine how director Sam Mendes pulled this movie off, even just for a few seconds, my mind would collapse into a puddle of goo. 1917 is a war film that is made to look like one shot. Welcome to Bonkers Town, Population: 1917. But Sam did it. That silly bastard did it! And the movie wouldn’t be nearly as powerful and engaging without it. The storytelling is on point here too, because it has to be. This movie can’t have deleted scenes. If you were to cut nearly anything out of the movie, the flow would be ruined. What this does is create a movie that gives an unparalleled sense of scope and suspense.

While all that was a joy to behold, it didn’t surprise me. Everyone has been raving about how much of a technical masterpiece it is. However, there are a lot of great elements that surprised and delighted me. I expected our leads to act as stand-ins for ourselves. A blank canvas that the viewer can project themselves on. This is not the case. These are two of the best performances of the year, and they should not be overlooked. Another element that surprised me was the strong themes and symbols used throughout. I was expecting a theme park movie like Dunkirk, but this is a genuine flick! It is also a must see in theaters.

I give 1917:

Hot Boys Unite and See This Good Flick


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