The Irishman – Movie Review

The Irishman is a long-as-hell gangster movie, and I really didn’t want to watch it. Even though it was a Scorsese flick, and I’ve loved every movie of his that I’ve seen, I really didn’t want to watch a 3 1/2 hour movie that didn’t look much different from the other gangster movies I’ve seen. But I’m a good movie boy, and I told my secretary to clear my schedule for the next 4 hours and I watched it.

I’m sorry Scorsese. I’m sorry for doubting you. You made a very good movie again.

Every scene in this movie is important. But I guarantee you will not feel that way while watching it. I had no clue what our good pal Scorsese was doing until the last 15 minutes. And what he is doing is super dope and super interesting. And it wouldn’t have worked with a shorter runtime. Everyone’s on the top of their game here. The acting (from everybody), the spectacular cinematography, the super smart script, the soundtrack, everything is on point!

Here are three words I would like you to keep in mind while watching this movie: Trust in Marty.

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