Downton Abbey (2019) – The Most Stressful Experience I’ve Had in a Movie Theater

My experience with the Downton Abbey show before seeing the movie was comprised of the various times I walked into a room where my family was watching it and chuckling when the fun British Boy said a fun word. I knew the show was good, I knew the basic premise, I knew it had a butt-ton of characters, and that was about it. Going in blind to a sequel to six seasons of British drama was a scary idea, but when I heard there was a 9 minute recap of the show before the movie, I set my fears aside and went with my family to see the motion picture. I went into the theater in a relaxed state. It had been a long day and I was ready to just chill and enjoy the Britishness. After the six arthouse trailers, I had been lolled into a state of Movie-Zen. Then the movie started. There was no recap. I had been deceived. My brain got whiplash from how fast I switched from Movie-Zen mode to Red-Alert. I switched on my internal Turbo-Mode and took notes in my head that were similar in scope and detail to the notes I took for my History final. All these polite white fellas had something to hide, and I needed to remember all of them. The first twenty minutes of this movie was the most stressful experience I’ve had in a movie theater this year. Luckily after the first act of the movie, I was able to gather a surprisingly solid idea of these characters and their motivations. Enough so that I could relax and enjoy the remaining hour and a half. And enjoy it I did. There is something so delightful about watching a bunch of witty and passive-aggressive people just do their thing. There are like five subplots going on, but they are arranged in a way that doesn’t become exhausting or dull. I had a smile on my face for the majority of Downton Abbey and my Superfan Grandparents were in Valhalla.


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