The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Quick Thoughts

When I watched the first Angry Birds Movie, the birds made me angry. I am not a fan of hunting, but I really wanted to put on some camo and go for a hunt in Bird Island. The trailers for the second one looked just as bad as the first, so I promised myself I wouldn’t subject myself to the bad birds for a second time. Then the reviews came in. They were much more positive than the first. I was having a slow day, so I ignored my promise and gave The Angry Birds Movie 2 a shot. I tried to go in with an open mind, but dammit, the birds made me angry again. The reviews were promising a “hilarious riot,” but all I got was a riot within my brain. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen nearly CG animated movie under the sun, but I couldn’t find a single sliver of originality in this flick. It is better than the first, but only because it works like a “greatest hits” album of animated movies. It is dull, derivative, unoriginal, and infuriating. Me no like these birds.



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