Good Boys – Quick Thoughts

To say that Good Boys is pretty much just Superbad brought back 6 grades is accurate, but it also isn’t giving the movie enough credit. While Superbad is a really funny movie with themes about growing up and moving on, Good Boys is a movie about growing up and moving on that is really funny sometimes. The first two acts are filled with the very rare “clever gross-out humor” that Superbad is so beloved for, but the last act is almost entirely joke-free and focuses on how hard it is to grow apart from your childhood friends. While some might be disappointed by the tonal shift, I thought it was excellent. While the movie’s script is great, the thing that makes the movie work is the three amazing performances at the center of it. We already knew that Jacob Trembley is freakishly talented, but both Kieth L Williams and Brady Noon give just as great of performances. With Long Shot, The Boys, and this in the same year, Seth Rogen’s producing career is looking very promising.


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