I Lost My Body – Movie Review

I Lost My Body is a French animated romance film that heavily features a disembodied hand. I could not have been more excited. And it delivers.

Tragically, most people associate animation with children’s content. This is super sad, not only because these people are missing out on a lot of dope flicks, it’s sad because we could be getting a lot more. Animation should be used when you can’t tell your story easily with Live-Action. Things like Spider-Verse have started to show people the power of the medium, but even that masterpiece under-performed at the box office. So will the R-rated I Lost My Body finally bring adult animation into the mainstream? Hell no. It’s a super weird foreign Netflix film. But it did show ME something. It showed me that I need to update my stance on when animation should be used. Animation should be used when you can’t tell your story easily with Live-Action, OR if you want dope ass cinematography that would be hell to film usually. Put THAT on a throw pillow. As CGI continues to evolve, the amount of things that can’t be done in Live-Action is constantly dwindling. And this movie could definitely be done in Live-Action. But not nearly as well. In this movie, the camera’s creative and grandiose movements feel effortless and fluid. I was floored by the amazing direction many times throughout the movie. And that beautiful direction and cinematography perfectly complements its story and dreamy tone.

The story switches between two perspectives throughout: an orphan teenager in love, and his disembodied hand. Each are spectacular in their own right, but the quiet, metaphorical feeling of the A-Plot does clash a bit with the B-Plot’s more simplistic adventure story. It was a bit jarring switching between the two. But together, they weave a beautiful and though-provoking tale of fate, free will, and love. Dawww! Also, it’s got a lot of symbolism. Me likey symbolism.

I give I Lost My Body my rating of :

Come On! Watch It! Its Good! It’s on Netflix! Come on!

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