Crawl – Quick Thoughts

Crawl is a perfect example of how to balance the creative and business aspects of film-making.

On the creative side, Crawl is a really tense and satisfying ride that gives you a pair of instantly relateable heroes to root for and lots of gators to root against. The well-crafted screenplay and impressive cinematography makes this movie standout from the rest.

On the business side of things, this movie only cost $13.5 million to make. That is astounding. For comparison, 2016’s The Shallows had a budget of $25 million, and last year’s The Meg cost somewhere between $130-170 million! (To be fair, both films had more well known stars.) Crawl mostly takes place in one home. This not only gives the audience a great claustrophobic feeling and an extreme awareness of the space, but it also costs a whole lot less. Instead of casting big-name talent, they found two very talented actors that are less known. So what do they spend their money on? Lotsa gators doing lotsa stuff. The way God intended.



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