Brightburn – Quick Thoughts

Brightburn is best enjoyed if you know what you’re getting in to beforehand, ’cause this shit get nasty. It is a gnarly picture, but if you’re into that, you’ll have a pretty good time. Luckily for me, I love me some gnarly pictures! Some of the imagery in this movie is… muah! (Insert Chef Kiss here.) Superman is such a cool character visually, and seeing that concept twisted is pretty great. But a movie like this needs to work on more than a visual basis. Especially one that is nastyifying a character that only stands out from his super counterparts because of the emotional turmoil that comes with that amount of power. Unfortunately, Brightburn only dips its toes into this side of the character, which is a real shame because the little stuff that we do get is super interesting. If this movie was thirty minutes longer and explored some of those ideas, (especially when you have Elizabeth Banks in your cast) Brightburn would’ve become more than a forgettable spooky flick. Bummer.


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