Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review: Ralph Breaks My Expectations

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I love the first Wreck-It-Ralph, but I was worried when Disney revealed that the movie would be focused on the internet. It seemed like an unnatural and cash-grabby thing to do. But while watching the movie, it was obvious that this was the natural evolution of these characters, and the internet feels like the natural setting for a sequel. Something that also becomes clear while watching the movie is that directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston have a lot to say about internet culture. While there is the occasional scene that will definitely not age well, the movie will overall hold up because of the movie’s focus on character.

It is so much fun to see the director’s interpretation of various websites, but we know what most people are going to this for. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that the Disney Princesses make cameos in this movie. I am happy to report that they are as good as you’d hope, and you haven’t seen all of their scenes in the trailers. The things they do with the soundtrack during their scenes are also so choice. Even the princesses’ inclusion feels natural and act as an essential part of Vanellope’s arc. Other Disney characters make appearances, but they aren’t as prevalent. The amazing Disney scenes are also home to my main problem with the movie: the meta humor. This movie should be called Ralph Breaks the Fourth Wall based on how much the movie makes the audience aware of the fact that what you’re watching is indeed a Disney movie. They reference the movie’s trailers, different internet trends, and the people watching their adventures. This led to some really funny scenes, but I think it will lead to a lot of confused people in a few years. People aren’t going to remember what was or wasn’t in the trailers or what was going on in the world of 2018. The jokes are really funny, and I busted a gut a few times, but I’m worried that this wont be as timeless as Disney movies should be.

This movie shares a quality that I loved in Creed II as well: the characters are who they are at the end of the first film. In animated movies especially, main characters often forget the lessons learned in the first film. It’s an easy way to write a sequel, and it really annoys me whenever it is used. Luckily, Ralph Breaks the Internet introduces new problems and moral dilemmas instead of reusing the original’s. This is refreshing, and it makes the movie feel like a worthwhile sequel.

I give Ralph Breaks the Internet an A-.

Do you know what’s weird? Ralph Breaks the Internet is only the second sequel made by Disney. (Unless you count Fantasia 2000.) The first was the highly underrated Rescuers Down Under. All of the crappy Straight-To-DVD Disney sequels are made by a low-budgeted company called DisneyToon. DisneyToon is also responsible for the Tinkerbell and Planes films. Disney closed their shop a few months ago, but I don’t think many people will miss them. Disney’s next sequel will be next year’s Frozen 2. Just wanted to share some stuff I thought was interesting.






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